Investor Cost Estimates

Are prepared by the Investor – Ordering party to determine the cost estimate value of construction works. They are the basis for estimation of value of the order for construction works at the stage of preparing project documentation. Pursuant to the act dated 29 January 2004, Public procurement law – the Ordering Party is obligated to determine the value of the procurement for construction works on the basis of investor cost estimates. The detailed rules for preparation of such cost estimates have been specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure dated 18 May 2004 on determination of methods and grounds for preparation of investor cost estimates, calculation of planned costs of project-related works and planned costs of construction works.
Investor cost estimates do not include VAT.
For public procurement, investor cost estimates are always prepared with the simplified calculation method. The detailed calculation must be prepared only in the case of no unit prices for works in the market – on the basis of unit material costs, prices of production factors, and indirect costs and profit.

The offered cost estimates are aided with NORMA PRO software on the basis of pricelists by SEKOCENBUD and INTERCENBUD.