Building inventory stands for a detailed presentation of the actual condition of an existing building. Building inventory is usually a part of an architectural and building project: renovation, reconstruction, implementation of a superstructure, changes in the structure or cubature. Building inventory is also required in the assessment of the technical of the building (elements of the building) or for the purpose of technical opinions and expertise.

Building inventory, in the construction and building part, should include:

  • technical description with acknowledgment of the location, type, and nature of the building, the number of stories, its height and floor area,
  • description of building materials used for the construction of individual elements of the building,
  • dimensioned plans of parts included in the elaboration,
  • dimensioned and implemented plans (if required) – elements of the truss, vent and chimney flues, installations, methods for drainage and development of land,
  • cross-sections (if required) with marked heights of characteristic points (altitudes of floors, platform of the staircase, terraces, roof, and chimneys, cornices, manholes, walls, and the altitude of the land),
  • construction drawings of the elevation with all its elements,
  • photographic documentation with descriptions what the photos represent and where they were taken.