Technical commissioning within the scope of construction and building of:

  • buildings: partial and final;
  • elements of buildings and structures;
  • works to be covered or sealed;
  • construction and finishing works;
  • apartments;

Important regulations, guides, and documents applied as the basis for technical commissioning:

  • the Construction Law Act (Polish Journal of Laws dated 1994 No. 89 item 414;
  • REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF INFRASTRUCTURE dated 12 April 2002 on technical conditions that must be met by buildings and their locations;
  • REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR AND ADMINISTRATION dated 16 August 1999 on technical conditions for the use of residential buildings;
  • ACT dated 16 April 2004 on building products (Polish Journal of Laws dated 2004 No. 92 item 881;
  • REGULATION NO. 05/2011 OF THE PARLIAMENT AND (EU) COUNCIL dated 9 March 2011 laying down harmonized conditions for the marketing of the construction products;
  • Technical Conditions for Execution and Commissioning of Construction Works;
  • Technical specification of execution and commissioning of construction works;
  • Terms of Reference;
  • Instructions for the master and the site manager, etc.;
  • Polish standards, Eurocodes;
  • Technical approvals, attestation;
  • Technical Documentation of Products: Declarations of Performance, Safety Data Sheets, etc.

The technical equipment usually includes:

  • buildings: partial, final:
    • partial receipts carried out during the duration of works in a given technological area or the scope of a contract binding party;
    • final collections carried out each time after completion of work in a given technological scope or scope of contract binding party;
  • elements of buildings and structures:
    • masonry, insulation (damp, heat), finishing (finishing, GK, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, parquet, panels, Paint coatings, balustrades, etc.);
  •  works covered and disappeared:
  • reinforcement (concrete, foundation), insulation (damp, heat), masonry (by finish), structural (reinforced concrete, steel), installation (before covering), Roofing, etc .;
  • construction and finishing works:
  • floor, foundation, reinforcement, concrete, masonry, carpentry, roofing, insulating (insulation, damp insulation), flooring, montage (windows, doors, fences, gates etc.),
  • Units:
  • check:
  • Compliance with the documentation,
  • Compliance with regulations and technical conditions,
  • surface,
  • Walls, ceilings: constructions and plasters,
  • floors,
  • window and door joinery, window sills,
  • balconies,
  • Fire protection and safety,
  • ventilation,
  • finishing elements: glaze, panels, paint coatings, etc.

Each receipt ends with a protocol write down.