Pursuant to Art. 21a section 1 of the Act dated 7 July 1994, the Construction Law Act (Polish Journal of Laws, 1994 No. 89 item 414 with further amendments) the site manager is obligated, on the basis of information referred to in art. 20 section 1 point 1b, to prepare or ensure preparation of a safety and health protection plan before the commencement of construction works, with inclusion of the character of the building structure and the conditions for conduction of construction works, including the simultaneous performance of construction works and industrial production.

The safety and health protection plan is elaborated at the construction site when:

1) at least one of the types of construction works will be performed during the construction:

  • the character, organization, or location of which poses a particularly high danger to safety and health of people, particularly due to the risk of being trapped under ground or falling from a height;
  • the implementation of which includes application of chemical substances or biological agents that pose threat to safety and health of people;
  • which poses the threat of ionizing radiation;
  • that are performed near high-voltage power lines or active communication lines; •posing the risk of drowning on the employees;
  • conducted in wells, underground, or in tunnels;
  • performed by operators of vehicles with power supply from overhead lines;
  • performed in caissons with atmosphere generated from compressed air;
  • that require the use of explosives;
  • conducted during assembly and demolition of heavy prefabricated elements,


2) when the planned construction works are to last for a period longer than 30 working days and, at the same time, will involve at least 20 workers or the labor intensity of planned works will exceed 500 man-days.